Dhii ToonZ

Dhii ToonZ is part of Dhii which was founded in the year 2009 at Hyderabad with complete focus on 2D/3D Design & Development and Animation Training Unit within the larger entity. Dhii ToonZ has been led by a highly experienced management team, with skilled and enthusiastic team of animation trainers & professionals. Our training & development studio is over 4000 sft facility in Hyderabad. We are in the fun business of making dreamers into animators. Quality of delivery & assured placement differentiate us from the rest. Our trained animators has been placed with multiple client locations with International Projects. Hence, the experience and exposure to our animators are the best to steer them to greater career progression.

We, at Dhii are proactive about leading change rather than resisting change, and we are constantly evolving and embracing newer concepts and technologies. Dhii's vendor-agnostic approach enables it to design and help deliver best-fit solutions for its clients while incorporating the leading-edge technologies and compliance processes specific to IT Products, Services and Dhii ToonZ- Animation Domains.

If you are interested in knowing more, please write to us at info@dhii.in.