About Us

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About Us


With a talent pool of over 200 associates across two locations both onsite and off-site, we provide comprehensive IT Products, Services and Dhii ToonZ- Animation. We have active business engagements with over 10 global clients and growing further.

With the vast skills portfolio amalgamated into one umbrella, Dhii as an organization has a three pronged approach to its business delivery portfolio as

  • Product Development Group (PDG)
  • Professional Services Group (PSG)
  • Dhii ToonZ

Dhii has evolved sound delivery models and business strategies with high-quality; cost-effective and innovative solutions to meet customer goals.

Our commitments to customer synergy and delight, technical expertise, corporate value and transparency have made us a preferred vendor to our clients, and who tell other clients about us. Our clients get substantial savings, timely delivery with high quality support to their satisfaction.