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Development Approach

Dhii envisions support to the IT Products, Services and Dhii ToonZ- Animation Industry by way of being consumer-centric and information rich. The medical information with respect to the patients and wants of the doctors are formed to build a massive and intelligently accessible repository by way of tools enabling access to complete patient treatment history to guide your medical decisions.

In order to realize this new vision to promote health care, Dhii has adopted and embraced both the technology and industry standards leading to improving decision making in both private and public health care systems. Having understood the need, we have decided the following goals for our product environment approach:

Informed Clinical Practice Systems and Support

  • EMR / EHR Practice Systems and Integration Layer
  • Building Communication Engine to handle information exchanges in disparate/legacy systems

Interconnecting the Clinical Practices and Clinicians

  • Foster collaborations
  • Build Health Information Networks
  • Build Tools for Industry Standard Data Translation Mechanisms to connectivity

Build Systems to Personalise Care

  • Tele-Health Support Systems
  • Data Repository for Information Access
  • Imaging support to various parts of the anatomy
  • Decision support systems for both diseases and surgery
  • Research Health and Help in Dissemination of Information
  • Support by way of creating knowledge bases for Research Organisations to accelerate research
  • Establishing a MediCARE Portal for Access by Doctors as a Support System for Business Enhancement

Our Business Approach to Development Strategy

Engagement Model

Our Development Approach to Application Architectures

Engagement Model

To know more about our development related services, send a mail to info@dhii.in.